Fak. II - Frühe Bildung - Frühe Bildung/Sachunterricht

Hong Kong and German teachers and parents perspectives on learning at play
Status:aktuell laufendes Vorhaben
Kurzinhalt:In order to discuss similarities and differences in cultural perspectives, the project aims to outline conceptual and attitudinal foundations of early childhood education in Hong Kong and Germany. The other issue is to gain insight into the professional similarities and cultural differences that affect educational processes in kindergartens in these ...
Projektdauer:01.03.2015 bis 30.06.2016
Leiter/In:Prof. Dr. Stefan Faas
Projektmitarbeiter:Steffen Geiger, M.A.
Kontaktdaten:Oberbettringer Straße 200
73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd
Tel: 07171/983-130
In Zusammenarbeit mit:Dr. Shu-chen Wu, The Education University of Hong Kong, Department of Early Childhood Education

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